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What is the meaning of unvarnished in Hindi?

Meaning of unvarnished in Hindi is : सादा

Definition of word unvarnished

  • Not having been coated with varnish (or other surface treatment). (adjective)
  • Pure, natural, unmodified (especially in the phrase "unvarnished truth"). (adjective)

Examples of word unvarnished

    • What he called unvarnished and straight from the shoulder.
    • Little did she think, that, from among the poor and despised whom her tyranny was oppressing, there was one gradually being prepared, upon whose plain unvarnished words should follow consternating judgments, before which the pride of her dominion was to be laid level with the dust.
    • A plain unvarnished tale is preferable to the most highly ornamented narrative.
    • But it’s critical the facts themselves remain unvarnished and undistorted.
    • We want you to see her unvarnished was his phrase for 90 minutes and then you can put Sarah Palin in context and see what people in Alaska liked about her.


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