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What is the meaning of unwanted in Hindi?

Meaning of unwanted in Hindi is : अवांछित

Definition of word unwanted

  • not wanted, welcome or acceptable (adjective)

Examples of word unwanted

  • If the purpose of abortion is to avoid unwanted children then the child wanted by his father is not, in fact, ���unwanted.
  • Tan, who was speaking on US-Turkey relations at a conference organized by the Turkish Democracy Foundation in Ankara, warned that the discussion and passage of a Genocide resolution by Congress would lead to what he described as unwanted strains in US-Turkey relations, Asbarez. com reported.
  • Supporters maintain it is necessary to deal with what it calls unwanted horses and that a fate at a US slaughter plant is better than crossing the border into Mexico to unregulated abbatoirs.
  • The mine's veins of gold and copper ran through quartzite with a high level of abrasive silica, rock so tough that it took all their expertise to keep the drill's hammers from curving off in unwanted directions.
  • Senate lawmakers urged the Federal Communications Commission to strengthen its oversight of billing practices by telecommunications firms, after Verizon Wireless announced that it erroneously charged $50 million in unwanted data fees.
  • One factor that has made Brazil a magnet for foreign investment, much of it unwanted, is sky-high interest rates.