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What is the meaning of unwavering in Hindi?

Meaning of unwavering in Hindi is : मजबूत

Definition of word unwavering

  • Never doubted; always steady and on course (adjective)

Examples of word unwavering

  • The plot, unoriginal and unwavering, is the best thing going for this film.
  • It is very important to understand who you are and remain unwavering in your beliefs and dreams.
  • Since I have not only neglected my own blog but my friends 'as well (and I consider you a friend, as we all want only the best for each other and stand by in unwavering support), I have been reading back, interest a bit piqued by your last comment.
  • Others adopted an expression of unwavering ferocity.
  • How many of us trusted in unwavering U.S. adherence to the principles of the Geneva Convention?


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