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What is the meaning of unwilling in Hindi?

Meaning of unwilling in Hindi is : विमुख

Definition of word unwilling

  • Not willing; loath; disinclined; reluctant; as, an unwilling servant. (adjective)

Examples of word unwilling

  • There have I done everything for this young fellow, and he is unwilling, _unwilling_ indeed, to give his mind to the simplest business for six hours a day. '
  • In The Thorn Birds, Father Ralph is in unwilling thrall to rich Mary Carson, the doyenne of the region, on whom his hopes for a big donation to the Catholic church reside.
  • Menacing warlords intimidate, the Taliban strikes and the foreigners remain unwilling to risk the necessary relationships they need to develop with Afghans.
  • That suggests Japanese consumers will likely remain unwilling to help the economy exit its lull by shopping more, with deflation prompting them to defer purchases as they wait for prices to fall further.
  • Axelrod said they remain unwilling to directly attack Palin's experience, simply saying, We respect her, she's a skilled politician as she proved last night ...


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