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What is the meaning of unworthy in Hindi?

Meaning of unworthy in Hindi is : नीच

Definition of word unworthy

  • Not worthy; lacking value or merit; worthless. (adjective)

Examples of word unworthy

  • Consequently, I have found that much of what is put forth as evidence on this question is, as Mr. Corney has very justly intimated, quite inadmissible; in short, unworthy of belief.
  • Sportsman he was, and rake and gambler, as were we all; and I have seen him often overflushed with wine, but never heard from his lips a blasphemy or foul jest, never a word unworthy of clean lips and the clean heart he carried with him to his grave.
  • _Oui-a-ra - lih-to_, with about thirty-five warriors of the Indian village of Lorette in conjunction with the Iroquois and Algonquins, was actually engaged in the army of Burgoyne, a name unworthy to be associated with the noble spirit of Indian heroism.
  • 'I thought you would deem such a name unworthy to be mentioned.'
  • My advice to Steve who feels he may get “lost” in a sea of photos he may or may not deem unworthy is to learn a bit more about tags and keywords.


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