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What is the meaning of urge in Hindi?

Meaning of urge in Hindi is : हांकना

Definition of word urge

Examples of word urge

  • The artist'll also work up custom pieces from sketches/photos, from full-figured animals in almost any pose, to Steadman-esque works including a dog-like creature with a wildly wagging tongue known as The Urge -- act on yours in the woods and you'll get totally laidARRRGGGGGHHH!
  • Inc. Those ventures were known as Urge and Rhapsody America, respectively.
  • I looked into Urge, which is built into the Windows media player, and was hugely impressed with the breadth of their catalogue; this is the only site where I could find one of Tipper Gore's favorite albums, Be My Slave by Bitch.
  • Slap her into the slammer for contempt of congress and "Urge" her to shut the hell-up!
  • What about Europe "Urge" US to open the border with Mexico.


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