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What is the meaning of useless in Hindi?

Meaning of useless in Hindi is : सामान्य

Definition of word useless

  • Without use or possibility to be used. (adjective)
  • Unhelpful, not useful; pointless (of an action). (adjective)
  • good-for-nothing; not dependable. (adjective)
  • unable to do well at a particular task or thing. Useless is mildly insulting. (adjective)

Examples of word useless

  • My reasons for this will show why I consider the term useless and muddled.
  • The moderate-conservative GOP leader considers the term useless, viewing it as a fifth-wheel after-thought approach to expanding the party's base.
  • Early in the siege, the governor of the town drove out what he called the useless mouths, to the number of seventeen hundred persons, men and women, young and old.
  • It's all laid out in that museum, in what you called useless junk.
  • On the floor of the long room was a large brasero in which the new librarian was burning up a quantity of what he described as useless and miscellaneous books, with a view to the rearrangement of the library.


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