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What is the meaning of usher in Hindi?

Meaning of usher in Hindi is : स्वागत करना

Definition of word usher

  • A person, in a church, cinema etc., who escorts people to their seats. (noun)
  • A male escort at a wedding. (noun)
  • A doorkeeper in a courtroom. (noun)
  • To guide people to their seats. (verb)
  • To accompany or escort (someone). (verb)
  • To precede; to act as a forerunner or herald. (verb)
  • to lead or guide somewhere (verb)

Examples of word usher

  • Kids sneaking into and R-rated film and having to be kicked out after a few minutes by n usher is one thing, but when the parents are taking them is another.
  • Rich Rachman, the main usher at the beach, says he wouldn't trade his job for any in the Padre organization.
  • As I've stated before, the best usher is one you never see if you don't need to see him (or her).
  • August 14th, 2004 at 10: 54 pm yeah but you proberbly loved mj before all the mess .. mj being a perv doesnt automatically make usher the most talented of the two. how long was mj on the top of the lists??? if usher is going to beat that then you can talk about him being the new king. hes succesfull yes but he does not stand out. for people who aren´t into rnb it sounds the same. it could be any thanks to the generic sound of rnb. im no fan of either but i bet you. mjs music will be rembered a long time after ushers star faded. child molester or not
  • "Just a moment sir" called the usher, and then a small boy walked in accompanied by his enormous grandmother.


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