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What is the meaning of v in Hindi?

Meaning of v in Hindi is : वोल्ट

Definition of word v

  • The twenty-second letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet. (noun)
  • cardinal number five (5). (noun)
  • velocity (noun)
  • used in the International Phonetic Alphabet and in several romanization systems of non-Latin scripts to represent a voiced labiodental fricative (IPA: /v/). (noun)
  • The twenty-second letter of the English alphabet, called vee and written in the Latin script. (noun)
  • Alternative form of v.. (abbreviation)
  • a shape resembling the letter v (noun)

Examples of word v

  • If [Delta] t seconds is the time during which the resistance of the air, R lb, causes the velocity of the shot to fall [Delta] v (f/s), so that the velocity drops from v+½ [Delta] v to v-½ [Delta] v in passing through the mean velocity v, then
  • Next, if the shot advances a distance [Delta] s ft. in the time [Delta] t, during which the velocity falls from v+½ [Delta] v to v-½ [Delta] v, we have
  • As an attempt to defend a contextualist hidden variables interpretation, this position must concede that not only does the system have, in the Q-measurement situation, a value v (Q), but also, in a P-measurement situation, it has a value v² (Q), although perhaps v² (Q) ‰ 
  • We now apply Lemma 7, substituting v for the new variable v².
  • In other words, the diagonalism which we have noticed above in the arrangement of young and old satyrs (vi a, v b, iv: iv¹, v¹ b, vi¹ a), is extended here to the groups themselves.


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