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What is the meaning of validate in Hindi?

Meaning of validate in Hindi is : सुदृढ़ करना

Definition of word validate

  • Check or prove the validity of. (verb)

Examples of word validate

  • $validate = $newCommand - > validate (); if (FileMaker:: isError ($validate)) echo 'バリデーションエラー数:'. $validate - > numErrors ();
  • Did the title validate his decision to burn a year of eligibility for what amounted to less than half a season?
  • What happens when your sidebar area doesn’t validate is that one of the closing tags is usually missing.
  • She represents the other model of feminism, a feminism that the movie does not validate, that is about political power.
  • Block-level snapshotting is much easier to validate, which is nice for something trusted with our MP3 stashes.


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