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What is the meaning of validating in Hindi?

Meaning of validating in Hindi is : प्रमाणित करने वाला

Definition of word validating

  • Present participle of validate. (verb)

Examples of word validating

  • I use the term validating not in the sense of 'proving true' an impossibility), but in the sense of 'being good enough to be useful').
  • They need to realize, at the least, that college admissions Deciders have a vested interest in validating their own expensive educations and are thus likely to look dimly at applicants who have been told they don't need books.
  • Karpinski said Wednesday's decision represented "another nuance in validating petitions."
  • "It's my hope we will have very clear and detailed guidance on what is expected in validating a person's signature on petitions."
  • This operation was a critical step in validating a variety of system interfaces and launch processes in preparation for the maiden flight of Falcon 9 later this year.


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