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What is the meaning of validation in Hindi?

Meaning of validation in Hindi is : वैधीकरण

Definition of word validation

  • The act of validating something. (noun)
  • Something, such as a certificate, that validates something; attestation, authentication, confirmation, proof or verification. (noun)
  • The process whereby others confirm the validity of one's emotions. (noun)

Examples of word validation

  • But I justify it by suggesting that implementing the title validation in every derived class creates undesirable duplicate code, and refactoring it to use the strategy pattern is overkill.
  • I don't have a briefing right now exactly where we are, but it's pretty much on schedule for some time in 2010, to be in clinical or the last of what we call validation trails in vitro.
  • That all suggests a certain syncretism and perhaps even validation from the Lord Hisself who has simply stood by idly watching as Jimi chops down mountains and creates islands.
  • Both imply that games as we know them need to change (which I would disagree with) and that validation is needed in order for games to be seen as "good" in our eyes (insecurity).
  • I think anything here would be good, but trying to close the sentence without a little more validation is too much burden on the words.