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What is the meaning of validator in Hindi?

Meaning of validator in Hindi is :

Definition of word validator

  • One who validates. (noun)
  • Something that validates. (noun)

Examples of word validator

    • Matt Mullenweg says the feed validator is “dead to me.”
    • Both java script function working perfectly, because I have used the expression validator therefore I need to use "OnClientClick".
    • Web designers who don’t know what the w3c validator is for have always bugged me.
    • Tamm started out with running the HTML and CSS through the W3C validator, which is cool as far as it goes, but it got really interesting when he declared he has a heuristic oracle to determine if text has overrun a boundary e.g. a name in a summary box which overflows the edge of that box.
    • You would use a regular expression validator to make sure they only use the characters, digits and punctuation that English uses.


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