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What is the meaning of valueless in Hindi?

Meaning of valueless in Hindi is : बेकीमत

Definition of word valueless

  • Having no value. (adjective)

Examples of word valueless

  • Woman and wife being, according to masculine ideas, interchangeable terms, it follows that, since the labour of a wife is valueless from the economic point of view, the labour of any woman is valueless.
  • ‘And teaches us how vile and valueless is the opinion of our fellow-men.’
  • A good many causes have combined to bring about the sweating of women customary in most, if not all, departments of the labour market; but it seems to me that not the least of those causes is the long-established usage of regarding the work of a wife in the home as valueless from the economic point of view – a thing to be paid for (if paid for at all) by occasional gushes of sentiment.
  • Must the life be a failure, useless and valueless, that is not as completely happy as it possibly might have been?
  • I immediately guessed that, finding her old calling valueless, she had betaken herself to her present mode of life, in the hopes of preying on the superstition and credulity of her fellow-creatures.


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