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What is the meaning of vanilla in Hindi?

Meaning of vanilla in Hindi is : वैनिला

Definition of word vanilla

  • Any tropical, climbing orchid of the genus Vanilla (especially Vanilla planifolia), bearing podlike fruit yielding an extract used in flavoring food or in perfumes. (noun)
  • The fruit or bean of the vanilla plant. (noun)
  • The extract of the fruit of the vanilla plant. (noun)
  • The distinctive fragrant flavour/flavor characteristic of vanilla extract. (noun)
  • Any artificially produced homologue of vanilla extract, principally vanillin produced from lignin from the paper industry or from petrochemicals. (noun)
  • By association with vanilla as the "plain" flavour of ice cream: the standard, plain, default, unmodified, basic. (adjective)

Examples of word vanilla

  • A third sort, which comes from Brazil, is the _vanillon_, or large vanilla of the French market; the _vanilla pamprona_ or _bova_ of the
  • But "I've just added Fluffer Nutter to our baking schedule," Michelle said last week, which she described as vanilla cake with marshmallow filling, a peanut frosting, a dollop of marshmallows and a drizzle of honey on top.
  • No matter what type of ice cream I try, the vanilla is always a disapointment.
  • I think you put them all in one place that don't have any standard domestic what I call vanilla prisoners even anywhere in the facility to mitigate the threat of that.
  • (The word vanilla is derived from the Spanish vainilla, meaning "little pod.")


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