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What is the meaning of vary in Hindi?

Meaning of vary in Hindi is : हेरफेर करना

Definition of word vary

  • To change with time or a similar parameter. (verb)
  • To institute a change in, from a current state; to modify. (verb)
  • Not to remain constant: to change with time or a similar parameter. (verb)
  • To display differences. (verb)
  • To be or act different from the usual. (verb)
  • Alteration; change. (noun)

Examples of word vary

  • Since then, references to emergingmarkets have become ubiquitous in the media, foreign policy and tradedebates, investment fund prospectuses and multinationals 'annualreports, but definitions of the term vary widely.
  • Does the label vary from the prescription or look different than what you expect?
  • The steps and fees to legally change your name vary by state.
  • It is just one instance of the general truth that standards for the application of a term vary within a wide but non-arbitrary range as determined by various features of the context.
  • Extra virgin is an indication of quality - it means that an olive oil is particularly sweet with less than 0.8 per cent acidity - but why do bottles bearing this phrase on the label vary so much in price?


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