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What is the meaning of vasomotor in Hindi?

Meaning of vasomotor in Hindi is : वाहिका प्रेरक

Definition of word vasomotor

  • Of or pertaining to the regulation of the diameter of blood vessels. (adjective)

Examples of word vasomotor

  • But when seasonal allergy symptoms crop up for the first time in adulthood, they are more likely due to an irritation of the nasal membranes known as vasomotor or nonallergic rhinitis than to an IgE response, experts say.
  • It's a-- it's a period which can last for a few seconds to a few minutes of what's called vasomotor instability, where the -- there's a dilation of blood vessels in the skin that often causes flushing, a sensation of heat, sweating.
  • Hot flashes, which doctors call vasomotor symptoms, are a major issue in women's health because there are so few effective remedies to relieve them.
  • With such a long course of treatment, side effects of hormone therapy such as vasomotor symptoms - hot flashes and night sweats - can become a major cause of decreased quality of life, and even discontinuation of treatment.
  • Because the IgE reaction isn't involved in vasomotor rhinitis, antihistamines and other over-the-counter allergy medications aren't very effective, nor are allergy shots.