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What is the meaning of vault in Hindi?

Meaning of vault in Hindi is : सुरक्षा कक्ष

Definition of word vault

  • An arched structure of masonry, forming a ceiling or canopy. (noun)
  • A structure resembling a vault, especially (poetic) that formed by the sky. (noun)
  • A secure, enclosed area, especially an underground room used for burial, or to store valuables, wine etc. (noun)
  • To build as, or cover with a vault. (verb)
  • To jump or leap over. (verb)
  • An act of vaulting; a leap or jump. (noun)
  • An event in gymanstics performed on a vaulting horse. (noun)

Examples of word vault

  • * And please be advised your doomsday seed vault is functioning perfectly.
  • The 1918 manor house, which has nearly 22,000 square feet and features a carriage house, walk-in vault and a koi pond, played a key part in Ms. Helmsley's federal tax-evasion conviction.
  • The K computer aims to once again vault the country to the top of the global supercomputer rankings with a system capable of tackling complex problems related to climate change and weather patterns.
  • ABC found footage from their vault from the day Epcot opened, watch it below.
  • The latest rumor to emerge from the lock-tight SATC 2 shooting vault is that Anthony and Stanford will get married.


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