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What is the meaning of vaulter in Hindi?

Meaning of vaulter in Hindi is : कूदनेवाला

Definition of word vaulter

  • a person who vaults or leaps (noun)

Examples of word vaulter

  • Standing at the end of the runway, the vaulter is ready with chemical potential energy in his muscles.
  • "I guess I'll always be known as the vaulter in the helmet, but hopefully now I'll be known primarily as just a good vaulter," Stevenson said Saturday at the Modesto (Calif.)
  • Even after he dispatched Andreas Haider-Maurer Tuesday in the first round of the U.S. Open, Bubka faced a round of questions about his father, the legendary pole vaulter who has the same name.
  • At the IAAF World Championships in Daegu, South Korea, Russian pole vaulter Dmitry Starodubtsev was attempting a vault 18.9 feet high when things went a little bit awry.
  • Minutes later the pole vaulter Steve Lewis was taken to hospital for x-rays on a suspected fractured left thumb after his pole broke early on in the competition.


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