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What is the meaning of vehement in Hindi?

Meaning of vehement in Hindi is : प्रबल

Definition of word vehement

  • Showing strong feelings; passionate; forceful or intense. (adjective)

Examples of word vehement

  • This is why a certain vehement anti-Catholicism is still alive and well within Protestantism, because those who go to the core of their faith can really only understand it in relation to Catholicism.
  • Dave and I were in vehement agreement about a lot of things, and tantamount was the need for the user experience of OpenID authentication to improve.
  • I find myself in vehement disagreement with the the insured's description of the "foam pit dance party."
  • One of the most fascinating predictions of relativity theory is that massive objects in vehement motion emit
  • The southern states are loud in vehement threats of secession, if the republican candidate is elected; but their bluster is really lamentably ludicrous, for they are without money, without credit, without power, without character – in short, sans everything, but so many millions of slaves, sans good numbers of whom they would also be the very moment they cut themselves adrift from the protection of the North.


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