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What is the meaning of vehement in Hindi?

Meaning of vehement in Hindi is : प्रबल

Definition of word vehement

Examples of word vehement

  • The Voluntary Movement for the Extinction of Humans, spelled VHEMT but pronounced "Vehement" - as I'll spell it henceforth, for phonetic harmony-lists many reasons why humans ought to not have children and, sooner rather than later, go extinct:
  • Vehement public debate and lawsuits led to the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973, which embedded abortion rights in American law, and the striking down of the anti-abortion legislation in Canada as contrary to the Charter of Rights.
  • Vehement disagreement with a post at best warrants an "unproductive", unless someone is just plain insulting.
  • Vehement anti-communist Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Ronald Reagan's foreign policy advisor and United Nations ambassador favored supporting friendly right wing dictatorship because as she put it "traditional authoritarian governments are less repressive than revolutionary autocracies."
  • Vehement Estonian nationalists joined SS and now they constitute the union of the former SS people.


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