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What is the meaning of velopharyngeal in Hindi?

Meaning of velopharyngeal in Hindi is :

Definition of word velopharyngeal

  • articulated at the velopharynx. (adjective)
  • A sound articulated at the velopharynx. (noun)

Examples of word velopharyngeal

    • Sara, at age 5, was diagnosed with velopharyngeal incompetence (VPI) — a disorder affecting speech — in her first exam at CHOP and was referred to a speech pathologist for evaluation.
    • DiGeorge, cleft palate, velopharyngeal incompetence | The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
    • Detection of a 22q11. 2 deletion in cardiac patients suggests a risk for velopharyngeal incompetence.
    • Patients have a combination of cleft palate or velopharyngeal incompetence, heart defects, learning disabilities and a characteristic facial appearance.
    • We see many children with velopharyngeal incompetence, which can make speech hypernasal or unintelligible.


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