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What is the meaning of ventilatory in Hindi?

Meaning of ventilatory in Hindi is :

Definition of word ventilatory

  • Of, pertaining to, functioning as, or by means of a ventilator (adjective)

Examples of word ventilatory

  • ASPEN's professional staff includes respiratory therapists with extensive experience and expertise in chronic, medically complex respiratory disease and long-term ventilatory support.
  • At altitude, the human body adjusts to taking more frequent, deeper breaths in a process called ventilatory acclimatization.
  • Find your fat-blasting sweet spot It's known as your ventilatory threshold VT1 -- the point in your workout where you shift from burning fat to burning carbs.
  • This was corrected after intubation and ventilatory assistance.
  • In the most severe cases, ventilatory support with high-frequency ventilation or ECMO may be required.


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