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What is the meaning of vex in Hindi?

Meaning of vex in Hindi is : सताना

Definition of word vex

  • To trouble aggressively, to harass. (verb)
  • To annoy, irritate. (verb)
  • To cause (mental) suffering to; to distress. (verb)
  • To twist, to weave. (verb)
  • To be irritated; to fret. (verb)

Examples of word vex

  • The word vex with us means to provoke, irritate, by petty provocations.
  • For she held that a greater power than Setebos had made the world, leaving Setebos merely to "vex" it; while he contends that whoever made the world and its weakness, did so for the pleasure of vexing it himself; and that this greater power, the "Quiet," if it really exists, is above pain or pleasure, and had no motive for such a proceeding.
  • "vex," therefore, is the heightening of grieving by a provocation unto anger and indignation: which sense is suited to the place and matter treated of, though the word signify no more but to "grieve;" and so it is rendered by lupeo, Gen. xlv.
  • Advice for the day: do not vex EVIL SORCEROUS QUEENS.
  • No more does his infernal laugh go echoing among the hills, and no more does his fat moon-face rise up to vex me.


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