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What is the meaning of vigorous in Hindi?

Meaning of vigorous in Hindi is : हृष्ट पुष्ट

Definition of word vigorous

  • Physically strong and active. (adjective)

Examples of word vigorous

  • Since his appointment last month, Mr. Abrams directed a legal staff of five to conduct what he described as a "vigorous review" of the campaign's fund-raising practices since December 2010.
  • The Secretary had promised what he called a vigorous debate, which sounded like it would still be conducted at fairly high volume.
  • The increasing repelling power of the accelerated motion of the wheel may serve as an illustration of that which we call vigorous vibration, good vitality, natural immunity or recuperative power.
  • Public opinion in March, 1861, was so unsettled, the popular mind so impressible, that a spirit of discontent soon began to spread over the loyal States on the part of those who had hoped for what they termed a vigorous administration.
  • A campmate who went inside an orgy tent told me he saw two men near him engaged in what he termed vigorous, unprotected sex.


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