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What is the meaning of vile in Hindi?

Meaning of vile in Hindi is : बहुत घटिया

Definition of word vile

  • morally low; base; despicable (adjective)

Examples of word vile

  • Hastert told reporters today that no Republican congressional leader saw what he calls vile and repulsive instant messages sent by Foley in 2003 until this past Friday.
  • Buttonholed while crossing the court-house lawn, and backed into a corner between the county clerk's office and the jail, Shelby had to listen with what patience he might to her denunciation of what she called his vile concord with Belial.
  • Who is here playing the overseer over white men -- who but he, who is throwing his filthy gall and assailing everybody as Northern Whig Dough-faces, and what he calls the vile slave-holders?
  • One ought, if possible, to have both girdle and character, and that is my object when I give myself importance by what you describe as vile arts, and poor unworthy tricks.
  • Your mom’s dead, because Charlie Matthias is a freak and a murderer and a … a … He couldn’t find a word vile enough to describe that monster’s nature.


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