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What is the meaning of villain in Hindi?

Meaning of villain in Hindi is : बदमाश

Definition of word villain

  • this sense?) (The addition of quotations indicative of this usage is being sought): A vile, wicked person. (noun)
  • The bad person in a work of fiction; often the main antagonist of the hero. (noun)
  • Archaic form of villein. (noun)
  • To debase; to degrade. (verb)

Examples of word villain

  • Their main villain is a criminal who was teleported with them and thus has the same powers as them.
  • Jensen Ackles brings a suitable cocky menace to the title villain, but he too sounds a bit like a Will Friedle, who played a protege of the elder Bruce Wayne in the futuristic Batman Beyond.
  • The main villain is the trickster Coyote in Southwestern Native American (and Norse) myths, and other supernatural characters come from Native American legends.
  • By the end, it seems to be revealed that their main villain is this weird-looking nekomimi guy with a not-so-good fashion sense.
  • These circumstances combined to attach to the term villain ideas of crime and guilt, in so forcible a manner that the application of the epithet even to those to whom it legally belonged became an affront, and was abstained from whenever no affront was intended.


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