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What is the meaning of vindictive in Hindi?

Meaning of vindictive in Hindi is : बदला लेनेवाला

Definition of word vindictive

  • Having a tendency to seek revenge when wronged. (adjective)

Examples of word vindictive

  • I realize that the word vindictive is a little strong for his comment to David, but there does seem to be some rancor coming from something.
  • And then the constant problem: how informed, smart, generous, dumb, ignorant or vindictive is the population, and what timeline do they consider — this year, or this century? bob h says:
  • Lying will not get you in the WH; to be vindictive is non-Christian.
  • More than forty years of strife and struggle with the whisper that, by whatever name she called her vindictive pride and rage, nothing through all eternity could change their nature.
  • So I called her vindictive, and then she just laughed at me.


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