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What is the meaning of violate in Hindi?

Meaning of violate in Hindi is : हानि करना

Definition of word violate

  • To break, disregard, disagree or not act according to (rules, conventions, etc.). (verb)
  • To rape. (verb)

Examples of word violate

    • Instead, the only violation gays routinely violate is DADT.
    • Given their current role they will not be a passive player should we be foolish enough to again violate the Nuremberg prohibitions on aggressive war.
    • You will, in short, violate the (four) basic principles of trustworthiness.
    • Post publisher Katharine Weymouth said in a separate memo to employees that the flier "was prepared by the Marketing department and was never vetted by me or by the newsroom" and would have been "immediately killed" because its terms violate the paper's journalistic standards.
    • In flight cell phone calls violate federal flight regulations.


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