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What is the meaning of violent in Hindi?

Meaning of violent in Hindi is : हिंसापूर्ण

Definition of word violent

Examples of word violent

  • I argued with the colleagues at the uni radio station about banning a certain Violent Femmes song because it debased wimmin (what the song actually was eludes me now after looking through the rather innocuous lyrics in the early Femmes albums – maybe we were just incensed about men taking the name?).
  • One of the hidden sites police discovered was called "Violent Desires."
  • VICAP is an acronym for Violent Criminal Apprehension Program.
  • Many of us found what we'd been looking for on or around the first night of the prolonged-snuff-film Sheen called his "Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour."
  • HR 1955, otherwise known as the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, is a much-needed piece of national security legislation subject to unnecessary paranoia and fear.