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What is the meaning of vision in Hindi?

Meaning of vision in Hindi is : स्वप्न

Definition of word vision

  • The sense or ability of sight. (noun)
  • Something imaginary one thinks one sees. (noun)
  • An ideal or a goal toward which one aspires. (noun)
  • A religious or mystical experience of a supernatural appearance. (noun)
  • A person or thing of extraordinary beauty. (noun)
  • To imagine something as if it were to be true. (verb)

Examples of word vision

  • The term vision had better be restricted to mean a dream during trance-sleep.
  • The term vision 2020 has virtually disappeared from the local lexicon.
  • Instead, Miliband believes his vision is actually centrist, if he only had the chance to explain it.
  • But by all means, continue to insist that your vision is the right one, facts be damned.
  • Oh, my vision is a guy with a 12 Str and 14 Dex, not a guy with a 13 Str and a 13 Dex.


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