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What is the meaning of vocalist in Hindi?

Meaning of vocalist in Hindi is : गायिका

Definition of word vocalist

  • A singer; a person who likes to sing. (noun)

Examples of word vocalist

  • I use the term vocalist deliberately because the moments where she uses her voice as an instrument to deliver punctuating melodic sounds, rather than delivering lyrics, are stunning.
  • WARD: At once grandiose and gorgeous, this George Harrison song gets a great production from Spector, not least because the vocalist is his wife Veronica, of The Ronettes.
  • In 1988, Page released his solo debut, Outrider, which featured former Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant and drummer Jason Bonham, the son of late Zeppelin drummer John Bonham.
  • The vocalist is pleasantly reminiscent of Billie Holiday.
  • Basically, one guy wrote all the music and the instruments are played by the same crew, but the vocalist is different on each track.


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