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What is the meaning of vocalizer in Hindi?

Meaning of vocalizer in Hindi is : गायिका

Definition of word vocalizer

  • One who vocalizes. (noun)

Examples of word vocalizer

  • Spittle continued to dribble from its vocalizer gill, while its arms flopped round like landed fish inside their cybernetic casings.
  • “We are pleased to visit,” the Ambassador answered, its voice a whispery burble coming from a slender vocalizer gill between his eye stalks.
  • He unreeled the tape a bit, ran it through the vocalizer, which he turned down to a whisper, then placed it within the Bard's vitals.
  • The vocalizer made meaningless noises and Harker realized he had shouted in Anglic.
  • While his Anglic was fluent, he used a vocalizer to convert the sounds he could make into clearly human tones.


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