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What is the meaning of vogue in Hindi?

Meaning of vogue in Hindi is : लोकाचार

Definition of word vogue

  • the prevailing fashion or style (noun)
  • popularity or a current craze (noun)
  • A highly stylized modern dance that evolved out of the Harlem ballroom scene in the 1960s. (noun)
  • To dance in the vogue dance style. (verb)

Examples of word vogue

  • Had frequent flyer points been in vogue from the beginning of his career, he would be able to take everyone in this room as his guest on the dream vacation of a lifetime.
  • · Ebooks and digital publishing discussions were not as in vogue as at BEA.
  • Vampires have had times of being in vogue before, but nothing like they are now.
  • Another way to true post-industrial decline, which is currently in vogue in certain circles, is to resort to the old isolationist notion of autarchy.
  • Of late, it's been very much in vogue to beat up on the young.


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