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What is the meaning of voidable in Hindi?

Meaning of voidable in Hindi is : शून्यता

Definition of word voidable

  • that may be voided, rescinded or annulled (adjective)
  • that may be avoided; avoidable (adjective)

Examples of word voidable

  • There is another ground for holding the charter-party void and no contract, instead of regarding it as only voidable, which is equally against authority, which nevertheless I have never been able to answer wholly to my satisfaction.
  • Cook told the Daily News Monday night that there was no disagreement over the signing bonus ($3.725 million) or the length of the contract (which is technically seven years, though the last two are "voidable").
  • In the absence of fraud, duress or mistake (the typical legal justifications for a voidable contract) I think we have a moral obligation to treat both the borrowers and the lenders as adults, and require that they take responsibility for their actions.
  • Asomugha, whose blockbuster contract with the Raiders averaged $15.2 million per year at signing, will become a free agent this offseason by virtue of a voidable clause in his contract, according to league sources.
  • Like contracts, life is fully voidable, allow deferring soon to disallow.


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