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What is the meaning of voids in Hindi?

Meaning of voids in Hindi is :

Definition of word voids

  • Plural form of void. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of void. (verb)

Examples of word voids

  • Officials say that people can survive in what they call voids in these mudslides from anywhere from four or five, even to six days.
  • It's just that the possibility does exist that people could be in pockets -- which they refer to as voids -- and they could still be alive.
  • Handouts, hobbyists and hired guns can fill short-term voids, but the dilemma of modern journalism, in the long run, remains.
  • Opals formed when silica, carried by water, deposited in voids left by gas bubbles and in rock fractures.
  • However, a certain amount of water is required to wet the surface of the pebbles, and this water reduces the available voids, that is, the voids that can be filled by the mortar.


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