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What is the meaning of volume in Hindi?

Meaning of volume in Hindi is : विस्तार

Definition of word volume

Examples of word volume

  • This Volume is affectionately and tearfully inscribed,
  • N = 4294738595&Ns = HarvestDate%7c1 see page 5-66 in Volume I which states "It was determined that much of the severe [TPS] damage was caused by .. debris .. from portions of the SOFI insulation from the ET"
  • Volume is heaviest at the December $14 strike where more than 43,000 calls changed hands by 12: 30 pm.
  • We dedicated the launch to the great mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot (1924-2010) who died a few weeks ago and is included in Volume 2.
  • The original tales of Marvel comic books come to life in Volume 5 of the X-men collection.


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