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What is the meaning of volute in Hindi?

Meaning of volute in Hindi is : वलयित

Definition of word volute

  • The spiral curve on an Ionic capital. (noun)
  • The spirls or whorls on a gastropod's shell. (noun)
  • Any marine gastropod of the (super)family Volutidae. (noun)

Examples of word volute

  • Often the cavity was the home of a creature Teal called a volute, but this one was dry and deserted.
  • The water first enters the volute, which is an annular channel surrounding the runner, and then flows between the fixed guide vanes, which give the water the optimum direction of flow.
  • Most of the volute is the correct shape but the add on section i am having difficulties with.
  • To the left (the statues on the right we have already seen on the previous picture to the left) on the baldachin St. Vitus (look sharply for his rooster) and on the volute St. Achatius (with Cross and crown of thorns).
  • To the right (here we have already seen the statues on the left on the first picture of the altar to the right) on the baldachin St. Pantaleon (look with his hands nailed to his head) and on the volute St. Christopher.


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