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What is the meaning of vouchsafe in Hindi?

Meaning of vouchsafe in Hindi is : बिना भय के होने देना

Definition of word vouchsafe

  • To graciously give, to condescendingly grant a right, benefit, outcome, etc.; to deign to acknowledge. (verb)

Examples of word vouchsafe

  • Spirit and word vouchsafe to bl/- ess and sanc/- tify these Thy gifts and creatures of Bread and Wine, that they may be unto us the Body and
  • Because you, of all people on all worlds, and I use the term people loosely, and I grip the term worlds tightly, know that I will never vouchsafe or divulge.
  • It was not sufficient, he thought, for government to protect our rights if it was to vouchsafe our pursuit of happiness.
  • Why, one would almost think that the SPD had brutally murdered socialist leaders fifteen years earlier in a vain attempt to vouchsafe their own base of political power.
  • Releasing more bailout funds will require the International Monetary Fund and European institutions to vouchsafe that Greece has not fallen short of its privatization and austerity pledges and the IMF will have to maintain that Greece's mountainous debt burden is sustainable.


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