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What is the meaning of vulgar in Hindi?

Meaning of vulgar in Hindi is : सामान्य लोग

Definition of word vulgar

Examples of word vulgar

  • In the event, a user might well be confused about seeing the label Vulgar applied to four-letter words, when its definitions seem to indicate that it means (merely) "in bad taste."
  • I do object, however, to the label Vulgar given to such entries.
  • Some one called her Vulgar, she is so ordinary and pretentious, and would make Rossini's home and salon very commonplace if it were not that the master glorified all by his presence.
  • “The point is that the vast heap of simplifications we would call Vulgar Latin were not carried into Ecclesiastical Latin but instead into the Romance languages...”
  • You write about what “we would call Vulgar Latin”.


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