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What is the meaning of vulgar in Hindi?

Meaning of vulgar in Hindi is : सामान्य लोग

Definition of word vulgar

  • Debased, uncouth, distasteful, obscene. (adjective)
  • Having to do with ordinary, common people. (adjective)

Examples of word vulgar

  • And it was he that might rightly say, _Veni, vidi, vici_; which to _anatomise_ in the vulgar, (_O base and obscure vulgar_!) _Videlicet_, he came, saw, and overcame ...
  • And do not suppose, senor, that I apply the term vulgar here merely to plebeians and the lower orders; for everyone who is ignorant, be he lord or prince, may and should be included among the vulgar.
  • Clear Channel Communications is suspending Howard Stern for what it calls vulgar, offensive and insulting content.
  • Mr. Nichols acknowledges that what he calls a vulgar error was current and popular, that in some part of the Abbey Caxton did erect his press, yet we are expected to submit to the almost unsupported dictum of that gentleman, and renounce altogether the old and almost universal idea.
  • He distinguishes with his usual clearness between the different ranks of those employed in the production and exchange of goods, and intimates that his advice is not intended for the highest grade of traders, the merchants, whom he defines by what he calls the vulgar expression, as being “such as trade beyond sea.”


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