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What is the meaning of w in Hindi?

Meaning of w in Hindi is : वाट

Definition of word w

  • The twenty-third letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet. (noun)
  • The first letter of callsigns allocated to American broadcast television and radio stations east of the Mississippi river. (noun)
  • voiced labial-velar approximant (noun)
  • The twenty-third letter of the English alphabet, called double-u and written in the Latin script. (noun)
  • watt (abbreviation)
  • west (abbreviation)
  • wide (abbreviation)
  • white (abbreviation)
  • witness (abbreviation)
  • work (abbreviation)

Examples of word w

  • Thus, the sentence ËœI am a philosopherâ„¢ is false with respect to c and w, but true with respect to c and w*.
  • But what is the intuitive connection between w and w*?
  • To provide the required counterexample, just consider a model in which A holds at w, B doesn't hold at w, and A doesn't hold at w*.
  • (S¬) vw (¬A) = 1 if and only if vw* (A) = 0, that is, ¬A is true at a world w if and only if A is false, not at w itself (as it happens with standard negation), but at its twin w*.
  • Given a world w, the involution operation produces a world w* which is, in a sense to be specified, its “reverse twin”.


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