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What is the meaning of wake in Hindi?

Meaning of wake in Hindi is : सचेत करना

Definition of word wake

  • A period after a person's death before the body is buried, in some cultures accompanied by a party. (noun)
  • (often followed by up) To stop sleeping. (verb)

Examples of word wake

    • “The word wake implies a ship,” Halliday prompted.
    • What Favre left in his wake is a Packers fan base that remains divided over Thompson's sound football decision to move on.
    • Approach we along the moonglade! that is what we call the wake here.
    • – In Ireland a wake is a midnight meeting, held professedly for the indulgence of holy sorrow, but usually it is converted into orgies of unholy joy.
    • It didn't help Canada when the teams played last week, but after what they describe as a wake-up call the Canadians are playing a far more physical game than they did then.
    • Olly's Onions: Security stepped up in wake of custard incident skip to main | skip to sidebar
    • I would wake from a dead sleep if I heard that and race to put him on the linoleum of the kitchen floor where the cleaning up was much easier.
    • Is it possible that, in wake of the Hutaree arrests not to mention other terrorist acts by crazed Reichwhiners, some of the Republican politicians will try to walk back from their seditious rhetoric?
    • Fake security scams jump in wake of Conficker worm ...