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What is the meaning of wakefulness in Hindi?

Meaning of wakefulness in Hindi is : जाग्रत अवस्था

Definition of word wakefulness

  • The state of being wakeful. (noun)
    जाग्रत होने की अवस्था या भाव।

Examples of word wakefulness

  • It was in one of those moments where the boundary between sleep and wakefulness is so blurred that you’re not sure whether you’re awake or dreaming – are you lucid while dreaming, or are you dreaming while awake?
  • According to the Buddha, the actual point of all our efforts on the spiritual path is simply to return to the state of complete wakefulness, which is the true nature of our minds.
  • Not coincidentally, consciousness can also be defined as wakefulness, and—interestingly—the phrase “she is unconscious” can describe a medical problem or a spiritual one.
  • Cephalon is trying to maintain its domination of the so-called wakefulness drug market as Provigil loses patent protection in 2012.
  • Even, in this lightless place, they clung to convention, calling their wakefulness day, and their sleep night.