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What is the meaning of wandering in Hindi?

Meaning of wandering in Hindi is : भ्रमण करना

Definition of word wandering

  • That which wanders. (adjective)
  • Travelling with no preset route; roaming. (noun)
  • Irregular turning of the eyes. (noun)
  • Aimless thought. (noun)
  • Straying from a desired path. (noun)
  • Disordered speech or delirium. (noun)
  • Present participle of wander. (verb)

Examples of word wandering

  • U.S. Video: Gingrich explores presidential run U.S. Video: Police: Teen beaten, tortured at party Report Abuse When the term "wandering spider" came up in the headline, the first thing that came to mind is the Brazillian Wandering Spider, not the Yellow Orb Spider.
  • When she saw my expression wandering away from the conversation, she would touch the back of my hand with hers and smile at me with her eyes.
  • This is one of what I call my wandering days before I fall to work.
  • “Error” in Latin means both what it means in English, and a more literal “wandering from the path”.
  • The water pooled and spread across the gravel parking lot before running in wandering rivulets out into the field beyond, where bright butterflies swarmed and fluttered, dabbing at the mud I was making.


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