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What is the meaning of wanted in Hindi?

Meaning of wanted in Hindi is : वांछित

Definition of word wanted

  • wished for; desired; sought (adjective)
    के लिए कामना की; इच्छित; मांगा
  • Simple past tense and past participle of want. (verb)

Examples of word wanted

    • * Now* I wanted to scream, * wanted* to wake up Link and Natalie, but I couldn't get a breath.
    • Guess what the old bird wanted -- _wanted to know if I'd seen a torpedo he'd fired at me!
    • She wanted to see only places which she _wanted_ to see, not places which she ought to want to see; for there was sure to be a difference.
    • She wanted, oh, how she _wanted_ Dirk to be brave and good like Mark Calkins -- her one type of manhood.
    • So let's encapsulate such continuously updated sample into Sample class: class Sample def initialize (wanted) @wanted = wanted
    • He needed to write no state papers; he wanted no help, and he stood far above counsel or advice; but he could instruct an attentive scholar as no other teacher in the world could do; and Adams sought only instruction, —wanted only to chart the inter-national channel for fifty years to come; to triangulate the future; to obtain his dimension, and fix the acceleration of movement in politics since the year 1200, as he was trying to fix it in philosophy and physics; in finance and force.
    • I wanted to give you things that 'ud make your life brighter -- _wanted_ to give them -- would have found intense pleasure in seeing you take them from me. "
    • So, the label wanted to sort of repackage it, as they would do back in the day--this was like '03--and we had this song, "Punk Rock 101," and they were like, "We want to put 'Punk Rock 101' on here, but we need a cover."