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What is the meaning of wanting in Hindi?

Meaning of wanting in Hindi is : सिवाय

Definition of word wanting

  • Absent or lacking. (adjective)
  • without (preposition)
  • Present participle of want. (verb)
  • The state of wanting something; desire. (noun)

Examples of word wanting

  • He had no faith -- he was a hardened unbeliever -- and she could not make herself think of that at all -- could not stop herself from wanting -- _wanting_ him for her own, whatever happened.
  • What otherwise was wanting in the security for the Nabob's engagements was to be supplied as follows: "The most respectable persons of his family will be employed to counteract every other which may tend to warp him from it; and I am sorry to say _that such assistance was wanting_."
  • yea cause wanting to be the center of attention for college students is so much more high brow than say..wanting your book made into a movie
  • Despite the greater distribution channels Victory provided the band, Thursday were unhappy with some of the ways their image was used in the promotion of Full Collapse - one story tells of the label wanting to make whoopee cushions branded with the band's name.
  • You seem not to have been honest in wanting a compromise.


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