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What is the meaning of warm in Hindi?

Meaning of warm in Hindi is : हार्दिक

Definition of word warm

  • Having a temperature slightly higher than usual, but still pleasant; a mild temperature. (adjective)
  • Being something that causes warmth, or the impression thereof. (adjective)
  • Caring or charming, of relations to another person. (adjective)
  • Having a color in the red-orange-yellow part of the visible electromagnetic spectrum. (adjective)
  • Close, often used in the context of a game in which "warm" and "cold" are used to indicate nearness to the goal. (adjective)
  • Ardent, zealous. (adjective)
  • To make or keep warm. (verb)
  • to become warm, to heat up (verb)
  • To increasingly favour. (verb)
  • The act of warming, or the state of being warmed; a heating. (noun)
  • Examples of word warm

    • If it be summer time, the water should be used cold; if it be winter, a dash of warm must be added, so that it may be of the temperature of new milk: but do not, on any account use _very warm_ water.
    • As the annual August spectacular neared, many assumed The Rock was simply keeping the title warm for Lesnar, who was decimating every opponent in his path, including Hulk Hogan.
    • She sat down on the hardest chair in her living room and primly crossed her legs, keeping her expression warm but closed.
    • The unmeaning application of the words relaxation and bracing to warm and cold baths has much prevented the use of this grateful stimulus; and the misuse of the term warm-bath, when applied to baths colder than the body, as to those of Buxton and Matlock, and to artificial baths of less than 90 degrees of heat, which ought to be termed cold ones, has contributed to mislead the unwary in their application.
    • We are gettiing close to the time when I can use the term warm-up, rather than moderating temperatures.


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