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What is the meaning of warm in Hindi?

Meaning of warm in Hindi is : हार्दिक

Definition of word warm

Examples of word warm

  • The Keeping Kids Warm Program to Donate 10,000 Coats Nationwide DALLAS, Oct. 26/PRNewswire-FirstCall/-- In an effort to make the winter season warmer for underprivileged children, the Keeping Kids Warm® program is donating new winter coats to
  • Several times during the winter, the winery offers what it calls Warm-Up Weekends, featuring specialty soups and live music.
  • He no longer works in the porn shop, but this video for the title Warm Brother is a nazi derogatory term for homosexual. i like the sound of these words together and i love anything provocative. i'm like a junky for provocation and aberration. i am fascinated with human sexuality. i don't really believe in just gay or just straight. it's lame to label yourself or others. i like to stay in the gray area there. i'm all for legal gay marriage though. on that note, i'm also for the socialization of health care, regulation on corporate greed, and, of course, alternative fuel.
  • Maybe it's because I've quoted* him recently, or a couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the Little White House in Warm Springs GA or maybe it's because of the comparisons in the media since the election last November.
  • When you have a minute, read this whole transcript of FDR answering reporters questions in Warm Springs, all the elements are there - education, big business, even a tip on where to buy corn liquor.


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