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What is the meaning of watchtower in Hindi?

Meaning of watchtower in Hindi is : पहारा देने का खम्भा

Definition of word watchtower

  • an observation tower, in which a lookout keeps watch over prisoners, or looks out for fires etc (noun)

Examples of word watchtower

  • He eventually videotapes what he describes as a watchtower, dozens of large tents, an old ambulance, and what he says are picnic tables and games on the other side of a six-foot chain-link fence topped with razor wire.
  • But see Isa 8: 9. watch in ... watchtower -- rather, "set the watch."
  • All along the watchtower is Vietnam ... doesn't work where they used it.)
  • For John, Julia and me in the tree, our days consist mostly of phone calls to raise awareness and funding and manning the community watchtower, which is what we call the huge walnut tree where we sit.
  • The statement of claim (TIFF format) argues both copyright infringement (for the materials posted online) as well as trademark infringement (for the use of the domain watchtower. ca).


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