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What is the meaning of wavering in Hindi?

Meaning of wavering in Hindi is : हिचकिचाहट

Definition of word wavering

  • Fluctuating; being in doubt; undetermined; indecisive; uncertain; unsteady. (adjective)
  • Present participle of waver. (verb)

Examples of word wavering

    • Sarah was standing in the doorway, her expression wavering between revulsion and amazement.
    • In the silence, staring at the green light on the stereo, she could almost hear how the song would end, with the single sustained note of the violin wavering over the fading guitar.
    • She tried to make her voice sound calm and confident but instead it slid out in wavering, nervy tones.
    • Just standing in the VW dealership the other day, I could feel myself wavering from the Mazda path – which is exactly what happened the last time I was shopping for a new car.
    • The simple truth is that Obama shows no sign of wavering from the central promises of his campaign, even though he has been given every opportunity to do so.


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