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What is the meaning of way in Hindi?

Meaning of way in Hindi is : सड़क

Definition of word way

  • A road, a direction, a (physical or conceptual) path from one place to another. (noun)
  • A means to enter or exit into a place. (noun)
  • A method or manner of doing something; a mannerism. (noun)
  • A roughly-defined geographical area. (noun)
  • Possibility (usually in the phrases 'any way' and 'no way'). (noun)
  • A tradition within the modern pagan faith of Heathenry, dedication to a specific deity or craft, Way of wyrd, Way of runes, Way of Thor etc. (noun)
  • Speed, progress, momentum. (noun)
  • A degree, an amount, a sense. (noun)
  • Acknowledges that a task has been done well, chiefly in expressions of sarcastic congratulation. (noun)
  • Much. (adverb)
  • very. (adverb)
  • far (adverb)
  • It is true. (interjection)
  • To travel. (verb)
  • The name of the letter for the w sound in Pitman shorthand. (noun)

Examples of word way

  • That said, looking at this crowd, I think it was way, * way* more than the published guestimate of 200,000.
  • August 24, 2009 at 11:28 am hee hee. ai had to go bak and reed taht agin. taht is purty funnee. ***waves grey floofy paw inna way ober der across the us way***
  • Fifteen years ago maybe they would have had the clout to start pushing digital reading devices something that's way, _way_ overdue, and not because it's a terrible idea at its root like the flying car, but they probably don't now.
  • He just lies there, in his quiet pillow man way, on top of my lilac duvet (~because you always liked it best on top in your not so quiet way~)
  • I don't wanna be this way, but I really do not know any other way~ and yet, then why am I so afraid to die?


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