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What is the meaning of wealthiness in Hindi?

Meaning of wealthiness in Hindi is : संपन्नता

Definition of word wealthiness

  • wealth; the possession of riches (noun)

Examples of word wealthiness

  • But all this expectation of traveling right there to reach progress, wealthiness and happiness didn't work for everyone as waited.
  • "It's a level of wealthiness that shocked the people... all levels of society."
  • When you prioritize seeking a partner who supports your becoming your favorite, best self -- instead of just crushing on someone's superficial sexy looks, charisma and wealthiness -- you wind up with a happy love relationship!
  • I am against, morally, super wealthiness ie, incomes in the hundreds of millions.
  • The wealthiness of a family may often be judged by a single glance at the principal lady of the zeenahnah, who seldom omits doing honour to her husband, by a full display of the precious metals, with a great variety of gems or jewels on ordinary occasions.


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